4400 – Effortless Heavy Duty Hole Punching

The Rapesco 4400 – a heavy duty power punch that takes the effort out of large hole punching tasks.

Hollow Punch Technology

Rapesco Power Punches make use of Hollow Punch Technology to enable them to punch easily and cleanly through large volumes of paper. The 4400 is able to make light work of up to 150 sheets with minimal effort delivering a crisp, clean perforation. The hollow punch cutters also mean that the confetti is easily disposed of via the neat, easy to empty confetti draws in the body of the punch.

Easy to Use

With its solid base providing stability, the wide handle of the 4400 makes for easy use – even when working through repetitive, high volume hole punching tasks.

The punch cutters and boards are easy to replace (rotating the boards every 30-50 punches will help keep the cutters delivering great results for longer) and can be stored in the convenient storage drawer in the base.

Check out the video for the 4400 below and find your Rapesco dealer today.