Introducing Germ-Savvy™

Introducing Germ-Savvy™, a new range of germ repellent products from Rapesco.

What is Germ-Savvy™ & How does it work?
Germ-Savvy offers the same high qualities & ECO credentials that you’ve come to love and expect from Rapesco, but now with an added level of protection from infection!

Our Germ-Savvy™ antimicrobial agent is added to the external plastic parts of the product during manufacture, providing protection for the lifetime of the product.



Available now across our bestselling product ranges, with no price premium, and many more new products launching throughout 2021.

Which product(s) will you choose?

Please Note: The effectiveness of Germ-Savvy™ products against bacteria is proven and certified to ISO 22196:2011. It is not claimed or intended to be effective against viral pathogens.