New HD-100: Compact yet powerful

Heavy duty stapling need not require large, bulky staplers.

The Rapesco range of Heavy Duty staplers combines powerful, capable engineering with sleek and ergonomic styling to provide a formidable line up of user-friendly machines that make light work of repetitive, demanding stapling tasks.

That same logic has been applied to the latest addition to our range of staplers; the HD-100.

This compact, half-strip heavy duty stapler has a stapling capacity of up to 100 sheets (80gsm) and is loaded with features including a soft feel rubber handle grip for comfort, a unique paper guide locking system and half-strip, easy loading capacity. It’s 55m throat depth gives it extra versatility for a range of stapling tasks.

Check out the HD-100 Heavy Duty Stapler and find your Rapesco dealer today.


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