Working From Home Top Tips

While some of us enjoy working from home, others have found it difficult to adapt to working in a home environment.  Fear not! Here are 5 Top Tips to help you boost productivity, manage stress and maintain concentration.


CHECK YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Make sure your WFH space is comfortable, clean and clutter free. Why not choose from our selection of Germ-Savvy Filing solutions to keep your work space tidy and organised.

PLAN – Before your day starts, try writing out your day’s To-Do list. Don’t make it too long. Write your three most important tasks down at the top and make sure you schedule regular breaks from your screen.

WALK, STRETCH OR DANCE – Making time for movement and exercise during your day is a great way to keep the balance between your mind and body and will help you to maintain energy and focus throughout the day.

STAY HYDRATED – Fueling your mind and body is vital to keeping you on top form. Keeping to your 5-a-day and drinking plenty of water can make all the difference.

TAKE A BREAK – Regular breaks throughout the day help maintain concentration and motivation levels. Popping the kettle on, heading out for a short walk and checking in with friends and family are great tasks to give you a little break from your To Do list.