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HD-73 Plier & 2000 Staples 73/10mm – Silver

This heavy-duty stapling plier from Rapesco is a tough, all-metal stapler that’s ideal for a range of applications and excels at packaging tasks. Ideal for cardboard, poster tubes, mail bags and many more jobs where the strength and versatility of a traditional stapling plier is needed. Quick and easy to load, the HD-73 has been designed for maximum user comfort with a contoured handle with finger stop on the base, making it easy to use for repetitive stapling tasks. The clever engineering behind this stapling plier’s design means that even the most demanding tasks require little user effort. Hugely versatile, this heavy-duty plier fires 73-type staples from 6-12mm. As part of a great-value, extra-convenience set, this HD-73 Stapling Plier is supplied with 2,000 73/10mm staples, everything you need to get started and achieve great stapling results.

  • Packaging plier supplied with 2000 73/10mm staples
  • Contoured handle with finger stop on the base
  • Throat depth – 68mm
  • Ideal for demanding packaging and mail room tasks
  • Supplied with two anvils: Straight and Sword
  • 15-year Guarantee

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