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Hole Punching

Rapesco Hole Punches – We have solution a for all your hole punching requirements. All our hole punches are made to exacting standards from quality raw materials to ensure precision and longevity.

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Hole Punch 810 (blue)

810 (blue)

Rapesco 810 Metal Hole Punch. This handy, stylish hole punch offers tough metal ...
Hole Punch 820-P (red)

820-P (red)

Rapesco 820-P Hole Punch. This handy, stylish hole punch features a handle lock-...
Hole Punch 827 (red)

827 (red)

Rapesco 827 Metal Hole Punch. This stylish hole punch offers a range of features...

P30 (White)

The P30 2-hole punch from Rapesco features a handle safety lock-down switch for ...
Hole Punch 835-P (blue)

835-P (blue)

The Rapesco 835-P 2-hole punch. This heavy duty punch features all-metal working...


Rapesco Zero 30, 2-hole Punch. Stylish, elegant and practical, the Rapesco Zero ...


4-hole punching from Rapesco – the 75-P Hole Punch. With a tough metal bas...