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Puffa Half Strip Stapler with 810-P 2-Hole Punch & 1000 26/6mm Staples – Blue or Green

This handy kit from Rapesco includes an 810-P 2-hole plastic punch, matching Puffa stapler and a box of 1000 type 26/6mm staplers for an immediate start. Featuring all-metal working parts, the 810-P hole punch and Puffa stapler are supplied with a fun, blue or green transparent casing at random. The 2-hole plastic punch punches 6mm diameter holes in up to 20 sheets of 80gsm paper and features a handle lock-down switch for compact storage and a paper guide for precise and consistent hole punching. The Puffa stapler offers a 20 sheet (80gsm) stapling capacity and features a top-loading magazine with a safety lock-back device for easy reloading of type 26/6mm or type 24/6mm staples. It is strongly recommended to use Rapesco staples for optimal results.

  • Staple kit with stapler, hole punch and 1000 26/6mm staples
  • Fun brightly coloured stapler with transparent casing
  • Half strip, top loading stapler that uses 26/6mm and 24/6mm staples
  • Personal/student punch with all metal working parts
  • Handle lock-down switch for compact storage and paper guide for precise hole punching

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