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Zippi Bag with Metal Zip A5 – Clear with Assorted Bright Coloured Zip Strips – Pack of 5

Keep your important documents safe with the new transparent Rapesco Zippi Bags. Available in A3, A4+ and A5 sizes, the lightweight bags come in 5 bright designs, so whether you are managing papers, storing documents or displaying projects, thematic organising has never been easier. The new durable design features a metal zip to keep all contents safe, and the water-resistant material means they can be taken out and about. Flexible and resilient, the A5 sized bags help store documents in and around the office, home or classroom safely and securely.

Size: A5
  • Clear transparent bags with coloured metal zips to keep documents secure
  • Lightweight, flexible and water-resistant
  • Ideal for projects, storing documents and travelling
  • Available in A3, A4+ and A5 sizes
  • Vibrant assorted colour range – Packs of 5 (Red/Yellow/Orange/Green/Blue)

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